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ChicagoVeg Outreach

ChicagoVeg Outreach is an extension of ChicagoVeg – Chicagoland Vegetarian, Vegan, & Raw Food Community.

The mission of the ChicagoVeg Outreach is to enable members to make a positive difference by educating others that we can all live happy and healthy lives following a vegan/vegetarian diet. We know there are numerous benefits of a plant-based diet: health benefits, ethical reasons, and ecological advantages.

Why ChicagoVeg Outreach?

ChicagoVeg Outreach will provide the opportunity for members to turn their knowledge and compassion into actively educating the public.

3 factors that make ChicagoVeg Outreach different:

  • ChicagoVeg supports a non-judgmental environment where everybody is welcome to join in the outreach meetups regardless of their diet, lifestyle, or philosophy.
  • The focus of the outreach meetups will be on what we support, not what we are against.
  • Our outreach meetups will be focused on delivering our message and having an additional social/fun time for the participants. This group is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, animal, health and environmental activists; or anyone who supports them to make the difference around us and in the world! "Think globally - Act locally!"

Please watch for our upcoming events to participate in raising consciousness in our community: For any questions, suggestions, or if you would like to help organize ChicagoVeg Outreach events, please contact the group Organizers .