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Three Strikes Policy

three strike rule

When ChicagoVeg members RSVP "Yes" and then do not show, it hurts everyone:

  • It hurts your personal credibility when you "don't keep your word"
  • It hurts organizers who may have difficulties planning future events
  • It hurts restaurants/venues that may need to charge us more, throw away extra food, etc.
  • It hurts other members who want to attend but cannot RSVP when an event shows full

To mitigate this issue, a "Three Strikes" policy is now being implemented: Attendance is taken during some of our events and members (including their guests) who RSVP, but do not come, are marked as "no shows."

A maximum of three "no shows" are allowed during a calendar year. After the third "no show" the member loses their privilege to RSVP to our events for the next twelve months (except events with no RSVP limits). RSVPs should be changed at least 12 hours before the event or the RSVP deadline if any (preferably ASAP) so people on the Waiting list can sign up and plan accordingly.

Please be considerate and take a moment to change your RSVP (including the number of guests) if needed. Thank you!