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Vegan Potluck Rules

three strike rule

A potluck means that everyone brings some food/drink to share. Below are ChicagoVeg guidelines for our potlucks. If you are coming without any food (bringing a bag of potato chips is not an option) please contact potluck organizer first.

  • You should bring enough food or beverage to serve at least 6 people.
  • All food/drink must be 100% plant-based (vegan). The food you bring can be prepared by you or bought from a store/restaurant as long as you know ALL the ingredients.
  • Please bring a note with the list of the ingredients in case someone has some allergies, as well as put your name there (someone may want to ask you for the recipe or have other questions). Put the note next to your dish on the table.
  • As you RSVP, add a comment with what you plan to bring (avoid bringing something that many others plan to bring).
  • Bring serving utensils for your dish and tableware (whatever you/your guests may want to use).
  • No tobacco, alcohol, or other intoxicants please. If any questions see No Intoxicants Policy
  • For outdoor potlucks you may wish to consider bringing the following: folding chair, blanket, sunscreen, swimsuit (for tanning or swimming), balls, frisbees, or any other games you would like to play with others.

Please contact the event organizer(s) if any additional questions or concerns.